How to open a Bank Account without SSN or ITIN?

Luis Costa

6/1/20232 min read

1. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN): If you are not eligible for an SSN but have a legal requirement to file taxes in the United States, you can apply for an ITIN from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Some banks may accept an ITIN as an alternative to an SSN when opening an account.

2. Individual Retirement Account (IRA): Some banks may allow you to open an IRA account without an SSN. However, these accounts are specifically for retirement savings and may have limitations on deposits and withdrawals.

3. Credit Unions: Certain credit unions may have more flexible policies regarding SSN requirements compared to traditional banks. It's worth contacting local credit unions to inquire about their account opening procedures.

4. Non-Resident or Foreign National Accounts: Some banks offer specialized accounts designed for non-residents or foreign nationals who do not have an SSN. These accounts often require additional documentation, such as a passport, visa, or other identification documents.

5. Co-Signer or Joint Account: If you have a trusted family member or friend with an SSN, you may be able to open a bank account together as joint account holders or have them act as a co-signer for your account.

6. Online Banking Options: Online-only banks or digital banking platforms may have more lenient requirements for opening an account. Some of these banks may accept alternative forms of identification, such as a passport or driver's license from your home country.

It's important to note that the availability of these options may vary depending on the bank and their specific policies. It's advisable to contact the banks directly and inquire about their requirements and any alternatives they may offer for individuals without an SSN.


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